Our pressure washing services are performed with our 3500 PSI pressure control which is able to wash down exterior building walls, sidewalks, awnings, painted surfaces and many more. We are able to remove years of grime, paint, grease, dirt, oil and bird waste. We emphasize protecting the environment and following state/federal regulations. In doing so we set up a reclamation recycling system to collect wastewater while using a biodegradable degreaser.  


Spectrum Facility Maintenance will steam clean just about anything from parking structures, shopping centers, sidewalks, exterior buildings, dumpster areas, trash chutes, graffiti and any other area you may need. We are able to remove years of chewing gum, grime, paint, grease, dirt and oil. Our state of the art equipment uses 3500 PSI water pressure at 200° with pressure control. With the environment in mind, we set up a reclamation recycling system to collect wastewater while using a biodegradable degreaser.


Spectrum Facility Maintenance is ready to make sure your parking lots are as clean as you want them to be. Parking lot sweeping consists of a backpack blower, brooms, dustpans, and a vacuum truck. We pay special attention to detail while using our backpack blowers by blowing out the corners and behind the wheel stops. We make sure to push all debris into the drive lanes so our vacuum truck can come by and vacuum it up. We strive to know our sweeping techniques reduce the number of pollutants from reaching the water systems and not blowing any trash/debris into planter beds while cleaning.


Spectrum Facility Maintenance includes a premier quality pavement marking service ensuring your parking lot is given a professional look and feel for the establishment. We are able to re-stripe any existing lines or design a new layout for your parking lot. From ADA compliant and remediation services to speed bumps, word stenciling, cross-hatching and more.


Spectrum Facility Maintenance day porter services include our worker(s) walking around picking up debris from shopping centers, parking structures, parking lots, apartments, HOA and many more.



Focusing on the exterior and interior painting we know how much painting can transform a building. We can paint all surfaces including wood, stucco, vinyl, aluminum, block, and cement board. We pride ourselves in the quality service we give to our clients to ensure we give you the best look for your property and buildings.


Our window cleaning services are ready to take on any facility whether it be interior or exterior. During the window cleaning process, we use hand squeegees and water fed deionized tucker pole cleaning systems. We make safety a priority during this process by using caution cones and tape wherever foot traffic may be.


At Spectrum Facility Maintenance we want to make sure you do not stress about the mess. We are there to dispose of all your trash during and after construction jobs ensuring a safe job site for your team.


Spectrum Facility Maintenance has the capability of repairing asphalt, seal coating/ slurry seal, and asphalt overlays.