20 Micron Water Recycling System for Environmental Compliance.
The SES1A, 20 micron water recycling system is designed as an environmental compliance waste water recycler for complying with the Clean Water Act and Regional Water Board requirements. Ideal for power washers and pressure washing. It can be truck, trailer, portable or stationary mounted. It can process or recycle your waste water down to 20 microns. This is an easy to use plug and use system that has an output of up to 15 gallons of water per a minute. All you need to do is feed the waste water into the 20 micron system by a pump, or wet/dry vacuum system, or berm system. Feed the output processed water back into your clean water tank for recycling, discharge to sewer (depending upon your county codes) or discharge to landscaping for bio-remediation if your county will permit.

Used by many professional power wash cleaning contractors for the auto detailing industry, gas stations, retail, loading docks, fast food, driveways, sidewalks, and water washing and other Leed building compliant water reuse-recycling projects.




    • Gallons Per Minute – 15 GPM
    • Weight – 100